Tuesday, August 31, 2010


HHD QNS 2/6 (12" / s-sided / white vinyl / stamped / 150 copies)

"Startlingly original, crisply detailed and suspenseful, whooshing with presence, dashed with judge-dread bass, this is ace: the remains of d and b fed to Berlin techno. Only 150 of the little monsters on the loose." (Honest Jon´s)

"Exceptional D'n'B minimalism outta Berlin courtesy of the clandestine Hidden Hawaii label. It's the second single from QNS, following releases from the excellent Felix K (remember that killer on 31 Records?) and Double O. This is ultra-modern D'n'B with a very Teutonic edge, reducing the percussion to flickering, highly effective syncopations with almost subliminal yet omnipresent subs and dynamically
spacious sound design. If you're a fan of Monolake's 'Cern', recent T++ exploits or the pedigree mechanics of Data, Mode or Rockwell, this is a must! Limited to 150 copies,
on white vinyl only." (Boomkat)

"Advanced electronic music from Berlin via Hardwax. Limited edition white marble vinyl. Already sold out in many places, this is pure future dancefloor tackle; on the edge of advanced half-stepping drum’n’bass & dubstepping electronica but with a sheen of quality and programming to rival Monolake and Autechre. I could talk for hours about it charging your cerebrum with electricity while anti-gravity bass-farts massage our heightened senses. How machine code percussion warps and twists like an intergalactic highway and how sensual bleeps and tones stimulate our cosmic bliss. You get the picture, just listen to the damn record! Won't be around long..." (Picadilly Records)

"Spindly, bad-ass drum ‘n bass minimalism from Berlin, this one-sided 12″ has helped fill the void left by the decommissioning of Torsten Profrock’s T++ project. It sounds like the kind of mutant music that we thought would come out of the Autonomic scene, but which never really materialised. The third instalment in the series came out this week, and while impressive, it tends rhythmically towards dubstep, lacking the manic dynamism of the strange and singular QNS2." (Fact Magazine)

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