Monday, March 4, 2013

Blueberry Vinyl 001

„[...] The light touch, sumptuous breaks surrounded by delicate pads make for incredibly easy listening and when the subtle bass tones come in to boot you know you are getting something that is, despite being a little left of centre, also very palatable for those who aren’t as familiar with the looser variants of ‘170. [...]“ (Everydayjunglist)

„[...] "Dark Future" is a good example of a tune that is at once both easily attributable to Felix whilst fundamentally detracting from much of his recent (and very hectic) output. The noisy "snares" and bouncy b-line foster an aesthetic not dissimilar to that of "Escapism Part 1" from his recent excellent EP for Alphacut, but "Dark Future" possesses more of an [...]“(Organic)

„Remarkable sparse, dare-to-be-different Ambient/Drum & Bass hybrid style - TIP!“ (Hard Wax)

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