Thursday, April 4, 2013

Flowers Of Destruction | Soundcloud Snippet

Some things are created without any particular purpose, some things just happen. According to Felix K, his 15 track debut album 'Flowers of Destruction' is just such a thing. Maybe this also explains his decision to only use numerical titles, which emphasizes on the literal level what becomes obvious when listening to the tracks behind the numbers. This album is a coherent whole, indeed each track has a distinct vibe of its own, but when taken together they form a space of transformation where various moods, sounds and rhythms blend harmoniously into each other. The album unfolds its acoustic beauty because it simply avoids posing ever-so obvious imperatives to impress, somehow like nature slowly reclaiming the urban concrete jungles of a post-industrialist dystopia.

'Flowers of Destruction' can be located in a musical universe somewhere between electronica, techno, ambient and 170 bpm. Some of its tracks are driven by Felix' unique and compelling drum sequencing with lots of sub bass and pushing percussions, whereas others take the time to dive into ambient depths and widths with their dubby drones and mesmerizing melodies. They all make use of contrast and opposing elements that create a fascinating tension, like the destructive force of an explosion in slow motion.

In terms of its physical appearance, the album's 3x12" grey vinyl will correspond with the different shades of grey of the full cover artwork. There will be 500 copies released on 4th of May on Hidden Hawaii LTD and distributed by Hard Wax. A couple of weeks later, the album will also be released digitally.


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