Friday, April 19, 2013

Interview and Feature by Rob Eves for Organic Beats

One of drum & bass' most enigmatic figures, Berlin's Felix K is about to make waves with his debut album "Flowers Of Destruction". We managed to track him down for a rare interview.

Though Felix K and his label Hidden Hawaii tend to keep their movements on the low, it shouldn't be a secret by now that we at Organic are all big fans. In a music world of copycats, clones, trend hopping teenagers and social media suck-ups, Hidden Hawaii's approach is a huge breath of fresh air, not just through their abstract and unique take on electronic music but also their modest promotion of it, with many releases deliberately limited to small vinyl pressings, some of which anonymously. Take for example their QNS ("Quantity Not Sufficient") sister imprint, a series of purposely under pressed anonymous artist 12"s, or by their preferred term, "rare artifacts". Clearly this is a label driven by the need to produce art above all else, immune to the potentially corrupting temptations of profit or fame... read more

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