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Flowers Of Destruction | Hidden Hawaii LTD 000

I am proud to present my album 'Flowers Of Destruction', released on may the 4th on Hidden Hawaii LTD. It is available at all good places.

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„[...] Sur ce plan de travail déjà bien fourni, Felix K fera montre de ses talents d’architectes en bâtissant par un amour du détail et de la sophistication d’habiles bombinettes réductionnistes (‘Flower Of Destruction #2′ & ‘Flower Of Destruction #4′), de soutenues embardées épidermiques (‘Flower Of Destruction #6′, ‘Flower Of Destruction #8′, ‘Flower Of Destruction #10′ introduite par une très belle boucle irradiée, seul rayon lumineux de l’oeuvre exceptée la resplendissante track conclusive ‘Flower Of Hope’) ou encore de merveilleuses percées vers de plus sybillines, calmes mais non moins perturbantes destinations. [...]“ (La chroniquotheque)

„[...] the tracks are numbered in a way that implies a certain order and internal connection between them. Surprisingly, this is not just a promotional charade but really the truth which sorts Flowers Of Destruction in the small fraction of albums in electronic music that deserve to be called "album". [...]“ (Earmilk)

„[...] How can something like this, something that is so inherently unrefined, be precise at the same time? It is all in the atmosphere - this is what this album has in abundance more than anything else, and it is in the creation of the atmospheres and the emotion that they evoke that the precision lies. Every element is placed deliberately and with care, and with precision - not to fill frequencies or pad it out, but to add to the soundscapes. I am even loathed to call the tracks 'tracks'. They're not songs, they're not tunes, to me this album is a collection of 15 atmospheres. [...]“ (Everydayjunglist)

„[...] Serpentine, almost Skull Disco-esque steppers rub shoulders with deftly programmed tracks that feel, broadly speaking, like Metalheadz by way of Rhythm & Sound, while there are also several prolonged passages of oneiric, Isolationist ambience that variously recall Amber-era Autechre, Mick Harris’s dread-infused Lull project and the cold world landscapes of Porter Ricks – these beatless sequences aren’t just there to add balance and atmosphere, they’re among Felix’s most vibrant and vital creations, honed over the course of many years [...].“ (Fact Mag)

„Felix K in full effect: fantastic Ambient/Drum & Bass excursions - Highly Recommended!“ (Hard Wax)

„Hefty, detailed, grippingly atmospheric soundscapes and grooves.
Outstanding... warmly recommended.“ (Honest Jons)

„☆特大推薦☆ベルリン・マナーのコンクリート・ダブが炸裂する最新鋭ディープ音響D'n'B大傑作!! 毎度お馴染みの完全限定生産で即完売してしまうベルリンのレフトフィールド音響D'n'B名門Hidden Hawaiiから、共同主宰を務める代表格Felix Kによる濃厚極まるトリプル・パックが登場です!!“ (Jetset)

„Having made a sterling name for himself and his Hidden Hawaii label since first emerging, Felix K finally makes his move to the long-player with this self-assured collection of engaging electronica that spans dry, melodically-bereft spaces, industrially-tinted beats, cavernous drones and dub techno robbed of its signature chord. It's an intense, at times oppressive listen, but with such masterful sound design and a refusal to over-egg any one idea, Felix has successfully created an album that demands attention. For all the avant-garde leanings in Flowers Of Destruction, it's actually not hard work to listen as one post-apocalyptic study glides into the next.“ (Juno)

„There’s an alluring sense of trepidation when holding Felix K’s Flowers Of Destruction; 15 flowers – or tracks – planted into three gun-metal discs, encased in glossy silvered sleeves. Its gatefold packaging – greyscale and sleek in design – silently stares back at you like an unopened Pandora’s Box. [...]“ (Juno Plus)

„[...] The tracks are all numbered but have no names, fitting with Felix K's assertion that the music was 'created without any particular purpose – some things just happen', as though it all fell into place with him acting as a middleman between the listener and an undefined 'something'. It's an entirely cohesive album that envelopes you in its atmospherics, and also provides some cuts that will rock any self-respecting dancefloor. One of the best d'n'b LPs of the year.“ (KMag)

„深いです...ここベルリンの地下音響レーベルHidden Hawaiiの主催者の1人、Felix Kが3x12"の特大容量で初のフルレングスを発表。
灰が積もった音像の中、打撃ドラムンベースが埃を舞い散らし、荘厳なアンビエンスが辺りを曇らせ、柔らかなシンセが光で輪郭を浮かび上がらせる退廃な感触。インダストリアル/テクノなModern LoveやCut Handsにも通じる1枚です!
2013年作品“ (Meditations)

„[...] An interesting thing about ‘Flowers of Destruction’ is that, it’s not particularly a dark album nor the opposite, but the different shades of grays gradating from one mood to the next. While track 5 feels like the soundtrack of retro-futurism sci-fi film featuring an empty dystopian city with its deeply echoing brass-like synth and sound of blowing winds, track 6 is a sudden turnaround of incredibly alive drum sequence meeting with the tribal festivity of tambourin-like accents dancing around the beat. The album continues through the exploration through the deep rainforest of track 8, dark and distorted broken beat of track 10, psychotic hallucination of track 11, static blues of track 13, and finally a peaceful epilogue of the last track ‘Flower Of Hope.‘ [...]“ (Mosaic Theory)

„[...] Either way, the years of patience have paid off because "Flowers Of Destruction" is so much more than this day and age's average drum & bass album. No gimmicks, no collaborators and no compromise- just one man's artistic vision delivered through a seamless hour long soundscape without even so much as distinguishing track names to detract from the experience. [...]“ (Organic Beats)

„[...] his most recent work resists easy categorisation at all, occupying their own abstract but highly expressive niche of electronica and dub-wise soundscaping. [...]“ (Phonica)

„[...] Mais la singularité déroutante de Flower Of Destruction, et le fondement de sa réussite, résident dans la sensation de production « contre-intuitive » qui s’en dégage. C’est cette façon si neuve et ciselée de casser des breaks DNB pour mieux travailler une introspection techno profonde, ou encore de nous perdre dans la somnolence de ces nappes aquatiques, qui font aujourd’hui de Felix K un acteur majeur de la scène ambient, et de cet album un must have.“ (Radiant Childs)

„My favorite album of 2013 so far is Felix K’s Flowers of Destruction. I’ll admit from the top that it’s not an album for everyone. Broadly speaking, it’s an album inspired by drum ‘n’ bass. For diehard fans of the genre, however, it’s likely not going to tick many boxes. It never quite approaches tear-out territory. Ambient music fans, meanwhile, may have a hard time getting behind an album with such hard-hitting rhythms, even though you can’t get around calling it “soundscape-y” in places. In the end, it’s hard to figure out what to call it aside from “Felix K music.” And, for me, that’s more than enough. [...]“ (RBMA)

„激限定のスペシャル3枚組カラー・ヴァイナル、見開きジャケット!Hard Waxが送り出すベルリンの超個性派レーベルHidden Hawaiiから、Alpha CutauriやBlueberry Musik、Apexx Recordingsなどでも活動する中心アーティストFelix Kによるアルバムがドロップ!ダブステップやダブ、ミニマル、アンビエントなどを独自の手法で作り上げたエクスペリメンタルなトラックス!グレイ・トーンで作品全体がコンセプチュアルにまとめ上げられたアーティスッティックなアルバム!これまでの彼の活動の集大成と呼ぶに相応しい力作!お早めにどうぞ!!!“ (Technique)

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