Sunday, September 8, 2013

TEA with Felix K

“Flowers are like explosions in slow motion” says Felix K, a German producer bridging the 50-to-60 BPM gap between drum and bass and techno. “In my opinion sound-design is more defining for music than a tempo or the way beats are structured,” he adds. With the release of his Flowers Of Destruction album earlier this month on his own Hidden Hawaii imprint, Felix K has woken to an outbreak of media praise and attention almost overnight. Sharing this wave of excitement is former TEA podcastee and Berghain protégé Rødhåd, a founding member of the Dystopian label and party whom Felix K is involved. On top of his DJing, label and booking duties at Dystopian, and alongside other forward thinking Berlin drum and bass associated labels Alphacut and The Weevil Neighbourhood, Felix K’s Hidden Hawaii and the sonic maneuverers it’s been making since 2008 are forging a new path into a realm of techno separate from the road already paved by acts like Instra:mental, Commix and Marcus Intalex. Over several weeks and in the lead up to his Berghain debut, TEA spoke to Felix K via email about why Germany’s small, yet vibrant drum and bass scene failed to receive the recognition it could have - drum and bass’ re-emergence - his love for limited run labels and chained releases; QNS and the 10" Solaris Series, a tacit explanation to Legowelt’s slept-on Gigla LP on Hidden Hawaii, his new album and the birth and rebirth of his multifaceted imprint. (Read More)

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