Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Djrum – DAM (Felix K Reinterpretation)

Dream team remix set for Djrum’s awesome 2013 album. (Hard Wax)

Akkord and Felix K take on the smoky slowfast of 'DAM' from DjRum's 'Seven Lies' LP. Akkord duly dry out and ruff it up with crisp, glancing percussions, abrasive white noise and techy, rolling garage-techno flux. Berlin's D&B helmsman, Felix K ov Hidden Hawaii follows suit with an even drier reinterpretation riding reduced, slyding bassline, flickering hi-hats and percolating bleeps with an enveloping steppers momentum haunted by chorale pads. Tipped! (Boomkat)

After his Seven Lies LP cemented him as a producer with some forward-thinking ideas about bass music, Djrum is back on 2nd Drop with a pair of timely remixes that build on the original ideas within "Dam" with some satisfyingly modern results from distinct outfits. First up Manchester collective Akkord drop a bassy techno stalker that keeps plenty of space in the mix, equal parts serious and playful in its measured execution. Felix K meanwhile takes the less direct approach, amping up the reverb and lifting the roof off the track with a blissfully spaced out interpretation that demonstrates the great patience and poise the artist has.

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