Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nautil 2/3

"Unique blend of dubbed out Ambient & ’footworkin’ leftfield Drum & Bass" (Hard Wax)

Alien atmospheres, bassy sonar blips, crackling ambience, fizzing white noise and a barely-there groove makes the A-side of this second Nautil 12" a delight for ambient, industrial, drum and bass, techno and by and large experimental lovers alike. 943 has all the hallmarks of a Felix K production only without the rolling D&B beats, but who needs them when you have spatial textures like this! Toolshop drums with the rhythm of a hammer hitting a nail out of time provides the B-side with a awkward groove while dubby stabs form and disappear in the background behind the sound of hissing pistons from a make-believe steam works. (Juno)

For the second instalment from the Nautil series of leftfield, ambient drum & bass imprint Hidden Hawaii, label head Felix K joins up with 7even Records regular Ena to form 943. The duo conjure up some dubbed-out, brooding industrial tones on ‘A1’, inundated with intricate percussive details with the flipside cut ‘B1’ offering a solidified, advanced half-stepping groove with the usual dub coating. (Bleep)

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