Friday, December 5, 2014

Carrier One (Underwater Device Felix K Reinterpretation)

Felix K prod. superb dubbed out Ambient Techno/sparse Drum & Bass cross-over (Hard Wax)

Opiated D&B/ambient techno steppers from an unknown entity, Carrier One, reinforced with steely Felix K reinterpretation. Carrier One's original tracks frame a sort of detached yet deep-in-it perspective on current D&B minimalism, whether sublimating the sort of dense, unquantised styles of FIS in the scuttling drums and gaseous dub atmospheres of 'Warning Of The Lucky', or stepping off with the quicksilver T++/Monolake styles of 'Underwater Device', or running more rugged, impressionistic styles with the thrumming rhythms and filigree drones of 'Symbol'. Keep an ear/eye on this one. (Boomkat)

Samurai Horo introduces Carrier One, a new name producing genre-bending drum and bass rhythms for the experimentally charged sub-label of Samurai Music. This debut comes packed with a Felix K reinterpretation of "Underwater Device" which the Hidden Hawaii boss turns from minimal and stripped back to beefed up and deadly. "Warning Of The Lucky" begins as a percussive tribal loop which then evolves to become something sinister with a deep house warmth you expect from DJ Qu, while "Symbol" is an exercise in bell tone atmospherics and lucid beat design. Unique music to say the least. (Juno)

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