Friday, April 17, 2015

Parlament Der Fische | Gilga 3/6

"Saved early Electronica/Ambient/IDM sessions. "(Hard Wax)

"A crack'd and wheezy rhythm collage from Hidden Hawaii Digital's. A-side bounces along like some lost Skam joint, all bit-crushed drums and bleeps segueing into jazzy hip hop cut-ups. B-side is more abstract, unstable, vacillating dusty electronics, noirish drones and opiated new age tones." (Boomkat)

"Modern abstract electronix" (Clone)

"Parlament der Fische’s two-track affair keeps in theme with the label’s developing aesthetic through its colourful, bit crushed and not overly serious nature. To date Gilga has presented a sound that can be linked to rave, drum and bass and other UK-influenced styles of dance music, and it provides a warm contrast to the wispy and stripped back sounds usually heard on the loosely affiliated Hidden Hawaii." (Juno Download)

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