Sunday, August 28, 2016

Felix k & Ena @ Atonal 2016 - Live A/V

"It’s safe to say that Felix K’s reputation as one of electronic music’s most enigmatic characters is up there with the likes of Shackleton and Shed. Ena is an visionary producer based in Tokyo, Japan. He produces music at the very boundaries of early drum & bass and abstract hip hop. In their recorded output they both invariably search for new sounds and endeavours and develop new rhythmic frontiers. Both artists are noted for highly experimental and leftfield electronic music, and both are rooted in drum & bass. Felix K releases under a variety of aliases for labels like Alpha Cutauri, 31 Records and Blackest Ever Black, in addition to his steady Hidden Hawaii output, while Ena is probably best known for his releases on Samurai. They join for a special live A/V show at Berlin Atonal." (Atonal 2016)

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