Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ELEMNT – Water EP | Hidden Hawaii

"Great sounding, sparse & direct Techno jams & Ambient Drones" (Hard Wax)

 "Felix K's Hidden Hawaii is now a staple of Berlin-style techno, but describing it as such doesn't really do the label its full justice. That's because this isn't just another bunch of relentless club tracks; instead, the label has always been careful to release material that is prone to opening one's mind and allowing the techno genre to broaden its general outlook. This year, Felix K himself, alongside frequent associate DB1, have been focussing heavily on their latest Elemnt moniker, and this new EP is the latest iteration of this project. Split from 1-4, each mix of "Water" offers something that's just out of reach, a blend of morphing, techno-reminiscent sounds that never quite manage to take a full shape, or dissolve into straight-edged dance music. The hollowness, and the kinetic energy within that, is what we've always loved about this fine imprint, and we urge you to find that same piece of inspiration." (Juno Records)

"killer set of crackling ambient and deep space techno from felix k & db1" (Bent Crayons Records)

"These four tracks from Elemnt play around with techno and ambient forms, sometimes sounding like distant drifting and other times settling into precision-tooled squelch-techno. The latter variety of Water is sleek and business-like and frankly irresistible." (Norman Records)

"Immersive dub-tech designs from the Hidden Hawaii camp’s Elemnt; rolling out with hybrid minimal techno/D&B pressure in Water #1; oceanic scapes in Water #2; driving brownian acid motion in Water #3; and storm-brewing dynamics on Water #4." (Boomkat)

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