Sunday, December 25, 2016

My favorite vinyls 2016

This is my end of year list for 2016 in no particular order. I included vinyl records that I actually purchased and left out stuff from myself, Hidden Hawaii or any other connected labels that would appear as too obvious. The list could go on, as 2016 was a great year for unconventional electronic music, but it would make not much sense to me to make a list that contains 100 records and more.

Don't DJ ‎– Authentic Exoticism SEXES ‎(SEXES02)
Suzanne Ciani ‎– Buchla Concerts 1975 FINDERS KEEPERS RECORDS (FKR082)
Grischa Lichtenberger ‎– Spielraum | Allgegenwart | Strahlung RASTER-NOTON (r-n168-2)
Second Woman ‎– Second Woman SPECTRUM SPOOLS (SP 042)
Forest Drive West ‎– System DNUOS YTIVIL (199YTIVIL)
Mike Parker ‎– 10inch03 REPITCH RECORDINGS (10INCH03)
Rashad Becker ‎– Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II PAN (PAN 74)
John Roberts (3) ‎– Plum BRUNETTE EDITIONS (004)
Bill Converse ‎– Meditations/Industry DARK ENTRIES (DE-103)
Serena Butler ‎– Gynoids Dryads Swim Alone EERIE (EE 10)
Surgeon ‎– From Farthest Known Objects DYNAMIC TENSION RECORDS (DTRLP3)
Ena ‎– Distillation LATENCY (LTNC 009)
Rhythmic Theory ‎– Circulation IDLE HANDS (Idle035)
Shifted ‎– Appropriation Stories HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS (HOS470)
Blawan ‎– The Communicat 1022 EP TERNESC (TESC 003)
Margaret Dygas ‎– Even 11 PERLON (PERL 108)
Peder Mannerfeld - Controlling Body (PMLP002)
Σ ‎  Schleifen Σ (Σ = 7)

Take care everyone. Looking forward to see you in 2017
Felix K

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