Monday, January 23, 2017

Elemnts LP released via Hidden Hawaii

"As beautiful as raw, reduced, pulsating rhythm textures & noise scapes - Highly Recommended!"(Hard Wax)

"Put together by Felix K and DB1: excellent percussive works meet fragile drones. Six sides of raw & dusty tracks, "pulsating rhythm textures & noisy scapes"." (ANOST)

"Felix K and DB1's Elemnt project is an intriguing prospect. This debut album builds on the promise of previous releases by showcasing the duo's hard to pigeonhole style over three weighty slabs of wax. Stylistically, their dark, intense and often obtuse incorporates elements of dark ambient, modular techno, experimental D&B, minimalist aesthetics, metallic IDM (think Autechre, for starters), post-dubstep heaviness, experimental noise, and even a dash of dub techno. It's a mixture that makes for interesting and largely enjoyable listening, with highlights worming their way into your consciousness rather than leaping up off the wax." (Juno)

"Berlin’ hybrid D&B/dub techno specialists, DB1 and Felix K, step deep into the echoplex with a full round-up of their Elemnt experiments collected as Elemnts. – Initially emerging as a series of mysterious white labels sold thru Berlin’s Hardwax, the spirit of Elemnt’s output vacillates between the structures of rolling, half stepping D&B and the amorphous, subaquatic pressure of dub techno proper, nimbly trading one’s tropes for the other in a taut exchange of ideas and offering a multitude of possibilities for the DJs and dancers in the process." (Boomkat)

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